Growing Pains: Callaway Tree Removals Scheduled for This Week

The details

As discussed previously in this forum, the Callaway site redevelopment plan — in particular the planned W. Trinity cycle track, together with the relocation of a major Georgia Power underground power line — will require the removal of existing street trees along W. Trinity Place.

Though an unfortunate requirement for the project to proceed, each tree lost will be replaced during redevelopment as part of tree plantings across the site.

Decatur’s Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance, which stabilized the city’s overall canopy percentage at 45% and now fosters equal or greater coverage city-wide for the years ahead, requires developers to submit and abide by a full canopy replacement plan.

That plan will result in the planting of 137 native trees that range in height from 10’ to 15’ at planting with increasing height and shade in the years ahead. Featured species will include Oaks, Elms, Hornbeams, Dogwoods, Hemlocks, and Cedars, among others. All are scheduled to be planted directly on the Callaway property and, despite existing site trees such as these scheduled to be lost to construction, will result in a net downtown gain of roughly a hundred trees, as well as increased downtown canopy over time.

Trees DHAFurthermore, earlier this month, the city successfully transplanted four healthy trees from this site to the Decatur Housing Authority property across Commerce Drive.

The impact

The work is scheduled to begin as early as Tuesday, March 14, and last a few days.

How to manage

There will be a lane closing on the eastbound side of W. Trinity Place between Commerce and McDonough but traffic will continue to be accommodated. Pedestrians should use the north side of the street. Bicyclists should take an alternate route.


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