Paving and Grading Continues at Howard and McDonough on Saturday, March 11

The impact

The intersection at McDonough and Howard will be closed again on Saturday, March 11 to complete the grading and resurfacing associated with the reconstruction of the railroad crossing. This will allow the pavement to be raised to provide a gentler slope on the north side of the crossing and an accessible path for persons in wheelchairs or those using strollers. Parts of the PATH Foundation’s Stone Mountain Trail near the crossing will be closed to bicycle traffic as well.

How to manage

There will be no traffic through the McDonough-Howard intersection on Saturday, March 11. However, East and West Howard and North McDonough will be open to local traffic. Consult the detour map below for greater detail (click image for larger view).
No impact is expected on the Tour deCatur road race on Saturday morning.


North McDonough Detour

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