Work Starts on North McDonough Railroad Crossing

The details

Work has begun on reconstruction of the N. McDonough railroad crossing. Parts of the PATH Foundation’s Stone Mountain Trail have been demolished and will be replaced temporarily with compacted gravel during construction.

The larger project, which includes rail crossings at both McDonough and Candler, will significantly improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, further encouraging those who live in Winnona Park, the McDonough-Adams-Kings Highway community, and other neighborhoods south of the CSX rail corridor to walk and bike into downtown Decatur.

 The improvements will also provide gentler slopes on the north side of both crossings resulting in an accessible path for persons in wheelchairs or those using strollers, and a much safer route located outside the railroad crossing gates for pedestrians and bicyclists. Presently, pedestrians and bicyclists have to share the roadway with vehicles at these crossings.

Both crossings will include new traffic signals on both sides which will allow protected left turns on all legs of the 2 crossings.

The impact

Below find engineering schematics (click image for larger view) demonstrating how the Candler and McDonough railroad crossings will be re-configured once the improvements are completed, and how pedestrian and vehicular traffic at both crossings will function thereafter.

How to manage

There is no vehicular disruption at this time. CSX will be rebuilding the rail portion of the project and will need to close each crossing for about one week for its work. These closings will be announced as they approach so stay tuned.



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