Construction Begins on New Fiber Network for City and School System

The impact

Construction is expected to start on Monday, August 19, on a new city-wide fiber optic network shared by the City of Decatur and the City Schools.

Street construction will be limited to rights-of-way. Plastic conduit carrying the fiber cable will be installed underground using directional boring to minimize land disturbance and impacts to trees, landscaping, utilities and storm drainage.

Construction activities will generally take place from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and occasionally from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays. We appreciate your patience.


Further details

The project will be divided among 4 zones depicted on the map below (click image for larger view). Work will begin on West Ponce de Leon Avenue at Upland Road. The streets included in zone 1 are:

West Ponce de Leon Avenue
West Trinity Place
Commerce Drive
Clairemont Avenue
Scott Boulevard
Huron Street
Erie Avenue
Geneva Street

Construction in all zones should be completed in about one year.

Network Cabling Infrastructures, Inc. (NCI) of Duluth, Georgia will perform the work. The new fiber network will cost about $2 million and replaces a private city network installed by Comcast 20 years ago. The network will provide uninterrupted communications service for all City and City Schools facilities, including the Decatur Police and Fire Departments.

NCI’s representative is Duane Foster. He can be reached at 404-201-5851 or emailed at

Visio-Decatur Fiber Network Design 8-13-19.vsd


Got questions? Contact Teresa Taylor, Assistant City Manager, at 678-553-6517 or via email here.