Be Aware: Tuesday, July 26 pavement testing for new downtown crosswalks

The details

Autaco Development will begin testing asphalt at 8:30 am on Tuesday, July 26, at the locations of new downtown Decatur crosswalks (see them mapped here). There are 7 new crosswalks planned for downtown Decatur. Six are located at various locations on East and West Ponce de Leon Avenue and one is in the 100 block of East Trinity Place.

The impact

Autaco expects to start at the mid-block crosswalk in the 200 block of East Ponce de Leon, work its way west to Fairview Street, and then move on to East Trinity Place. Testing will require a temporary lane closure at each location and should be completed in one day.

How to manage

Two-way vehicle traffic will generally be maintained during the work, though flagman/directional efforts may cause minor delays. In most cases, Commerce Drive can provide an alternate route from one side of the city to the other.

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