Be Advised: Months Long Disruption to DHA Oliver House Parking Expected

The impact

Necessary repairs to the city’s stormwater infrastructure has required the closing of the Decatur Housing Authority’s Oliver House parking lot at 1450 Commerce Drive. The area will remain fenced off through the summer and into the fall.

Daily automotive, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic along Commerce Drive will not be impacted.


Further details

In October, 2018, the Decatur City Commission authorized an inspection of the main downtown storm drainage system between Fire Station No. 1 on East Trinity Place and the Ebster stormwater management facility on Electric Avenue. This inspection was recommended due to recent localized flooding occurring in the 1400 block of Commerce Drive, indicating the possibility of obstructions in the storm water system. The inspection identified failures in two segments of the stormwater system within the Decatur Housing Authority’s Allen Wilson property. If not addressed, conditions are likely to worsen and could result in additional flooding and property damage to adjacent streets and nearby properties.

The City of Decatur has retained Atkins North America to design repairs to the stormwater system, including replacement of the failed storm water pipes. Preliminary surveying and geotechnical investigation has begun and will provide necessary details for the construction design phase of the project. Upon completion of design, we anticipate recommending that the City Commission approve a construction budget and a contract for construction services with a qualified utility contractor.

The area will remain secured until the completion of construction.


Got questions? Contact Assistant City Manager David Junger at (404) 377-5571 or via email here.